Lux Series is specifically designed for the China market. Based on the already advanced technology, Lux emphasize on its upgraded gloss and anti-corrosion due to the natural harsh environment in China region. The mirror smooth finish of XPEL Lux ensures that no unwanted texture(orange peel) and easy installation.












The special transparent coating made from advanced elastomer wedding compounds can not only prevent discoloration due to contamination and ultraviolet radiation, but also cure driving pollutants such as bedbugs, bird droppings, juice and road tar wiping off XPEL-LUX's ultra-smooth surface cloth by ordinary washing and drying or by means of swirls and minor scratches in daily life, And the damage and minor scratches on the surface of the film in a matter of minutes the sun's heat or the warmth of your garage disappears to keep your car as it is, the protective film as new and this level of damage is uncompromising. XPEL-LUX's mirror finish ensures that no unwanted textures are added to the exterior of your car, often called "orange peel", making the protected surface indistinguishable from factory paint.Professional installation by our factory-trained installation network ensures accurate alignment of surface features(such as air entrances, parking sensors, headlight washers and other design elements) while rolling film along the edges of each panel to achieve true invisibility to stop the danger of waiting for you on the road.


Even the film binder is superior to the ° XPEL adhesive's enhanced processability so that the film can be contoured around a complex surface without distortion. This means that you will show the perfect surface instead of seams, wrinkles and ripples. X PEL-LUX also provides a 10-year warranty to prevent yellowing, discoloration and peeling. If we fail, we replace it.